Is workplace Safety really that important?

Is workplace Safety really that important?

Is workplace Safety really that important? There is a reason we have Workplace Healthy and Safety Procedures…

Everyone who leaves home in the morning expects to return home every evening in the same healthy condition they left home in. However, for many workers and members of the public this is sadly not the case.

Workplace Health and Safety procedures are a very important component of the working day for not only the employee and employer, but also for visitors and the general public as well. A workplace accident can cause the loss of income, injuries or in the worst cases even death. This is why WHS regulations exist and are vitally important in creating a safe working environment.

Here are some basic things we can all do to ensure we all return home safely:

  1. Observe your surroundings;

Always keep an eye out for hazards and potential hazards and familiarise your self with the risks of working in the area

  • Use the correct tools and with care;

One of the worst things you can do is to use a tool incorrectly or without care. Always take proper precautions and never take shortcuts

  • Where possible use aids;

If you have to lift, carry or convey something heavy use the available equipment designed for the job. There are a lot of risks involved in the incorrect lifting etc of goods and materials

  • Wear the right PPE;

You must wear the correct personal protection equipment for the job you are undertaking. There is an increasing amount of PPE available on the market now and gloves, aprons, helmets, earplugs, masks and harnesses are to protect you from the dangers of the job at hand

  • Stay Alert;

You must always be on the lookout for risks, alarms and signage. There are many employees who compromise or ignore alerts or advance warnings and due to this, a number of workplace injuries or fatalities occur have occurred

  • Update your supervisor about anything you consider unsafe;

Always inform your supervisor about hazards or risks in the workplace and

  • Keep Emergency Exits accessible;

In the case of an emergency quick access to exits is vitally important. These exits should be free of clutter and easily accessible by all staff and visitors

  • Reduce workplace stress;

Extended working hours, job insecurity even conflict with our workers can lead to illness and depression. This can affect employees in the workplace and also in their private lives as well. Try taking breaks, eat healthily and schedule work accordingly

  • Correct ergonomic posture;

If your job requires you to sit, then it is essential that you keep your posture correct, while working on a desk

  1. Everyone is responsible for Workplace Health & Safety;

Each one of us has a duty to prevent harm to ourselves and to others through identifying hazards and managing risks in our workplace, whether they be physical or psychological and giving clear directions and instructions to people who are present in or visiting the workplace

Safety reduces business costs and disruptions; If a worker is injured on the job, it costs the business in terms of lost productivity, increased insurance costs, worker’s compensation and legal costs. Workers who are safe, help to reduce these costs and create a more productive work environment.

Safety is one of the biggest issues in the workplace and it is the responsibility of the supervisors, managers and business owners to make sure that their employees are working in safe environment. However, it is also the responsibility of everyone to be safe, not take risks and to identify and report any safety issues or concerns… so everyone can return home safe and well at the end of the day.

Safety Makers are qualified and experienced workplace safety industry professionals working together to make your business a safer place.

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