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Managing Director / Lead WHS Consultant & Trainer

Lydia Plim is the Managing Director and Lead WHS Consultant of Safety Makers.  With over 20 years’ experience, Lydia offers a full range of technical, advisory and managerial consultations.  Lydia is committed to ensuring a high standard of safety for all businesses, assisting her clients in complying with the latest safety legislation and creating a positive safety culture in Australian workplaces.

Lydia is one of a few consultants in Australia qualified and experienced in the fields of Chemical Management and Handling, Self Storage Industry Safety and Equestrian Sports Safety.   Lydia also has extensive experience in the Education sector, various industry sectors, Community and Government organisations.

As an experienced facilitator and educator, Lydia has delivered hundreds of workshops, courses, training sessions and on-site briefings covering a range of safety topics including: WHS Legislation, Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Workplace Bullying, Injury Management, Hazardous Manual Tasks, Working with Hazardous chemicals and SmartTrain Chemical Management (Cert III).

Lydia has conducted several hundred workplace inspections, risk assessments and advisory sessions for business owners, across multiple industries.  The range of businesses includes: Sole Traders, small local businesses employing multiple staff, SMB’s with 100+ employees, multi-national enterprises and Government organisations.

Previously, as a Business Advisory officer for SafeWork NSW, she presented multiple public workshops and briefings to industry stakeholders and conducted over 500 Workplace Advisory Visits (Workplace Compliance Audits) for NSW business owners and workers. Lydia also worked as an Internal Trainer delivering internal training sessions to front line staff at SafeWork NSW for the implementation and enforcement of the nationally harmonised WHS legislative package in 2011.

Lydia is able to offer a range of WHS and OHS consulting and training services, tailored to suit any business to increase the level of safety in the workplace. Lydia offers an extensive knowledge and understanding of WHS/ OHS/OSH Legislation across Australia and has recently extended Safety Makers operations into New Zealand.

Lydia’s community engagement includes being an active member of the Murwillumbah Theatre Company, in addition, being their honorary WHS Consultant/Safety Officer. Lydia is an accredited horse judge, NOAS (Equestrian sport) technical official and coach of riders with disabilities. In 2001, Lydia was awarded an Australian Sports Medal for her lifelong contribution to Equestrian sport as an athlete, coach, Riding For Disabled mentor and coach, judge, horsebreeder and equestrian sports technical official.  Lydia is also passionate about the protection and preservation of our natural environment and in reducing her business and personal carbon footprint. Lydia is an active member of the Humane Society International’s Wildlife Lands Trust.

Lydia’s qualifications include: Cert IV in Workplace Safety,  Cert IV in Training & Assessment (TAE); Cert IV in Assessment & Workplace Training, Cert IV Smart train Chemical Management, Certificate for Safe Work Confined Spaces, OHS Management Training for Civil Construction Contractors, Certificate in Negotiation Skills, and specialised Scientific & Laboratory Safety Training. Lydia is also a Justice of the Peace in NSW.

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Lydia Plim
Lydia PlimManaging Director / Lead WHS Consultant

Senior WHS Consultant

With over 25 years of dedicated experience in WHS, quality, environmental and training fields, Barry is a seasoned professional passionate about fostering safer workplaces and promoting the well-being of workers. Barry’s expertise spans across diverse industries where he has consistently delivered value-added solutions and implemented strategies that drive positive change.

Barry’s Key Skills:

  • Health, Safety, and Risk Management: Proficient in developing, monitoring and reviewing policies, systems and procedures to ensure compliance with statutory obligations. Experienced in Risk Assessment and management methodologies such as ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management – Guidelines and RSHQ Recognised Standard 2 Control of Risk Management Practices and HAZOP studies with respect to Major Hazard Facility legislation.
  • Factual Investigation: Skilled in conducting thorough accident, incident and injury investigations using methodologies like ICAM. Dedicated to identifying root causes and implementing preventive measures to mitigate risks.
  • Emergency and Crisis Management: Experienced in managing corporate requirements during emergency situations, ensuring minimal impact on all stakeholders and the environment. Adept at navigating and leading teams through crisis situations effectively.
  • Environment and Sustainability: Strong track record in developing environmental strategies aligned with legislative requirements. Committed to promoting sustainability and eco-conscious operational practices.
  • Systems: Proficient in obtaining and maintaining certifications for management systems including OHSAS 18001, ISO9001, and ISO 14001. Experienced in establishing and optimising integrated management systems for operational excellence.
  • Leadership and Business Partnering: Experienced in inspiring and motivating large, multi-site teams while building strong working relationships with clients, regulators and internal stakeholders to drive cultural transformation and safety initiatives.
  • Operational Management: Experienced in setting clear expectations, involving people and acting with integrity to ensure the ‘right way’ of work execution considering health and safety, production and environmental goals.
  • Training, Competency, and Awareness: Committed to providing requisite training and fostering competency among personnel to manage safety risks effectively. Dedicated to promoting awareness programs and empowering individuals to contribute to a safer work environment.
  • Firefighting: Certified in firefighting operations including public fire safety with advanced skills in responding to urban and wildfire situations and operating breathing apparatus.

With a comprehensive skill set and a passion for creating positive safety cultures, Barry is committed to delivering impactful solutions that enhance compliance, reduce risks and improve performance. Barry’s dedication to continuous improvement and readiness to tackle challenges makes Barry a valuable asset in achieving organisational goals and fostering a culture of safety excellence in workplaces.

Barry Morssinkhof
Barry MorssinkhofSenior WHS Consultant
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