Hazardous Manual Tasks Course

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Topic: Hazardous Manual Tasks – Manual Handling

Work Health & Safety Course.

This course has been developed to provide business owners and their workers with knowledge and skills to identify, eliminate or control risks associated with Manual Handling in their workplace.


  • WHS Legislation
  • Who has duties under the WHS legislation?
  • What are Hazardous Manual Tasks?
  • What is a Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD)?
  • How MSD’s occur
  • Causes and effects of injuries
  • Sources of risk in workplaces
  • Identify, assess and eliminate or control Hazardous Manual Tasks
  • Practical Activities – Identification and control of Hazardous Manual Tasks



3 hours (Includes a short break for light refreshments) Attendees receive a Certificate of Attendance.



On completion of this course participants should be able to:

  • Explain requirements under the WHS legislation to identify, eliminate and control the risks of Manual Handling in the workplace
  • Identify common sources of risk, causes and effects of (MSD) injuries in the workplace
  • Demonstrate knowledge about Hazardous Manual Tasks in their workplace
  • Describe a risk management approach to manual task activities that minimise the risk of injury
  • Find solutions to Manual Handling within specific work environments
  • Conduct a risk assessment of Manual Handling.


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Public Courses

Safety Makers periodically conducts this course, open to the general public throughout the Northern Rivers NSW and SE Queensland region.

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On-Site Course Delivery

Safety Makers can deliver this course on-site at your workplace. A useful and cost-effective option for internal staff training. Our qualified and experienced trainers can tailor course delivery to enable targeted professional development for your workforce. This course can be tailored for delivery in any State in Australia.

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