Start-up business questions

Start-up business questions

Start-up business questions

How well does your start-up business comply with WHS legislation? Take a few minutes to answer these questions. Find out how your start-up business shapes up when it comes to managing safety.

Q1. Do you have a WHS management system containing documents such as WHS policies & procedures, safe work procedures, safety checklists, WHS records, emergency management plan etc in place for your business?

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Q2. Do you and your workers document all WHS issues, processes and actions for your business?

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Q3. Do you (the business owner) and your workers know and understand the legal obligations of Duty Holders under the WHS legislation?

 Health & Safety


Q4. Have the hazards and associated risks at your business been identified?

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Q5. Has appropriate action been taken to eliminate and minimise those hazards and risks?

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Q6. Do you discuss WHS issues with your workers and are workers able to actively contribute ideas, information and feedback during decision making processes that impact on WHS?

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Q7. Are all workers provided with information, training and supervision to enable them to work safely and to understand their WHS rights and obligations at work?

Falls Prevention Checklist

Q8. Are all workers provided with the physical resources they require to work safely (such as personal protective equipment, mechanical lifting aids etc)?

Hearing Protection

Q9. Do you have employees? If yes ….. Does your business hold a current Worker’s Compensation policy and have a Return To Work Program in place?

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Q10. Do you know how and where to access WHS information, training and resources when you need it?

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If you answered No to any of these questions ……………   Contact SAFETY MAKERS now for helpful and experienced workplace safety compliance advice and assistance for your business.

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